Black Perspectives

To accelerate Black wealth creation, we base our approach on the firm belief that Black people today hold invaluable social, cultural, and economic capital to build thriving communities worldwide. We believe it is critical to value Black talent and opportunity and the endogenous knowledge and traditions that emerge from our communities.
Together, Black people are best positioned to bring about the change we want for our communities, whether designing innovative solutions or developing public policies that help remove the barriers to Black wealth creation.

Our Approach

As a catalyst, we bring together entrepreneurs, professionals, influencers, social innovators, and opinion leaders from Black communities from diverse backgrounds.

This, in order to collectively find solutions adapted to the realities of Black communities from here and elsewhere and to take action to create prosperous communities. Our approach is part of a logic of justice and economic development. Issues whose importance is reinforced by the proclamation of the United Nations which decreed the period stretching from 2015 to 2024: “International Decade of People of African Descent”.

The approach we advocate
has three components:

A focus on communities rather than individuals

First, it focuses on communities rather than individuals. Together, Black communities - regardless of region or country of origin, birth or residence - worldwide are rich in knowledge, experience, skills, cultures and traditions. They are involved in all spheres of society and stand out for their contribution to the social and economic development of many cities and countries worldwide. By mobilizing Black communities from all walks of life around common economic and social development goals, NSIF intends to maximize the impact of our activities.

By focusing on communities, our approach also promotes the contribution of non-blacks as allies in this transformation that will benefit all societies.

A dynamic, heterodox and feminist approach to economic development

Second, our approach to economic development is dynamic and heterodox, sensitive to the specific trajectories, progress, and ambitions of diverse Black communities around the world and convinced that there is no single model for creating more just and prosperous communities. It is also feminist in that it is sensitive to the promotion of equality between women and men as fundamental to a more just and prosperous society and communities.

An approach focused on wealth creation

Finally, our approach focuses on wealth creation. While "wealth creation" is often linked to productivity and the ability of a business to create jobs, for us, it refers to prosperity for Black communities and involves, among other things:

  • a high activity rate,
  • a flourishing economy,
  • political stability,
  • quality of health care available and
  • a general appreciation by individuals of their condition.

Thus, for IBEF, wealth creation is measured by statistics and data related to employment and productivity and through the promotion and valorization of art, culture, and traditions. This is why we give ourselves the right to innovate and go beyond the conventional approaches.

Systemic racism, a legacy of pre-colonial and colonial economic systems, has left its mark on the decision-making spheres of countries, cities, and businesses worldwide. Therefore, we need to create opportunities for Black communities and their allies in the public and private sectors to work together to break down systemic barriers so that all can truly realize their full potential.

Another world is possible! A world in which Black people and their communities are thriving and prosperous is possible... Today!

“I say pull the chain and pull up the anchor and go, for this is a good time"

Anthony Phelps (Haiti)