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An innovative and collaborative platform for black people to take ownership of their economic power.


Co-créons aujourd'hui un futur prospère!

Nos Partenaires

Prosperous Communities

If, like us, you aspire to collectively find possible solutions adapted to the realities of Black communities here and elsewhere and to take action to create prosperous communities, you have come to the right place!

We therefore invite you, as a first mobilization action, to sign our Economic Alliance. An invitation to remember that blacks are creators of wealth.


The Alliance aims to bring together Black women and men from all walks of life around their development, as peoples, but also as individuals, and their prosperity and that of their nations (of origin and residence) .

This Alliance was born from the will of young business leaders, researchers, community leaders, artists, intellectuals, and activists who mobilized to act together for the good of all. Learn about the seven commitments of our economic alliance and join our approach.


The countdown has begun for our next flagship event of the year! Mark next April 23 and 24 in your calendar and come live a co-creation experience with us and give free rein to your creativity, while enjoying a rich and daring program in the company of surprising influencers! We are waiting for you!

If you want to go fast, walk alone but if you want to go far let's walk together.

african proverb

Get involved

We are always on the lookout for committed people! Whether it’s by participating in an event, as an intern in the Forum or by subscribing to our newsletter, there are many ways you can get involved and help create thriving communities. Please complete this form and let us know you are interested.