Black Effervescence

Our theme this year is Black Effervescence to illustrate this state of bubbling ideas, different perspectives and individual commitments on the various issues that affect Black communities, leading to solutions that lead to both social and economic development for these same Black communities!

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, while global in scope, continues to disproportionately affect Black communities. It will have demonstrated to us the glaring health inequities and social and economic issues that compromise the safety, advancement and fulfillment of the Black community in all corners of the world. There is an urgent need for initiatives to improve the quality of life for Black communities by building wealth and leveraging collective assets.

Join Æfrotopia, and together, let’s contribute to the emergence of inspiring courses of action and find concrete short, medium and long-term solutions to the economic issues facing Black communities in Canada and abroad. Whether it is an innovation laboratory, a business school or a trade mission, each Æfrotopia program has been designed to allow participants to accomplish a clear objective and contribute to creating a prosperous future for the community.

Come create wealth for yourself and our communities!